Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Did I say training??? Maybe we should just call it riding. I'm much more comfortable with that.
Training implies an air of seriousness and I just want to have fun.
Today turned out to be a fantastic day for a ride. Then again, most days are great days for a ride.
The temps were in the mid 80's and dew points near 70 made it feel rather tropical. 2.5 hours and 35 miles of hard riding left me feeling thirsty, hungry, and satisfied.
The open grassy areas were loaded with wildflowers so of course I had to take a couple of brief breaks for some photos.
I'm looking forward to getting out more often, but tomorrow is a wash since I have to go in to school and interview teaching candidates and I guess that I have been left in charge since the boss is out of town. I appreciate his confidence in me, but I really don't relish the responsibility.
I would rather be outside riding to be honest. Today I rode my old faithful Stumpjumper. My body was very appreciative of gears and front suspension. I really am fond of this bike and am now realizing that gears and suspension may a good thing to have in a 29er package. Maybe even carbon! Something like this would be very nice....

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