Saturday, October 2, 2010

Golite 2010 Shangri-La 3 Review

I think I may have found a new tent. I really like this set up a lot.
Perfect for Minnesota winters :)


coastkid said...

what about those teepee tents with the fold up box stoves?
bet they would be roasting hot!

Vito said...

With the stove...roasting hot. Without, comfortable. I'm not about to carry a folding box stove on the bike. However, if I were snowshoeing and pulling a sled...that would be the ticket :)

Doug said...

We bought a similar teepee tent a few years ago. A Black Diamond Megamid. It's pretty awesome and versatile. It's one of our lightest "tents", but has the most far. It fits us and the dog with plenty more room to spare. It makes a fantastic winter camping tent as well.