Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cross Training and A Cold Butt

My timing is impeccable. I decided to begin my running in earnest this week. I've been putting it off for about a month now and didn't want to wait any longer. Being the outdoorsy type and despite a membership at the local health club, I am not a gym rat by any means. I do not like treadmills and I hate running around in circles on their little indoor track. Give me the multiple layers, the cold, the ice, and the snow of an outdoor run over the warmth and comfort of being
indoors. Oh, I do go to the club for the occasional spin class and I will be spending more time there now working on some strength and flexibility.

The Pugsley has taken me from this element and kept me outdoors. This is a good thing, but I realize that it cannot be the only thing. So yesterday morning I ventured outdoors to run.

Being an early riser anyway, I decided long ago that morning runs were always the best for me. Up at 4 a.m. I was out the door by 4:30. The air temperature was approx. -12 (F) with a windchill of about -25 (F). I made a semi loop around the neighborhood and this route leads me to Eagle Lake. There I picked up the snowmobile trail that leads out onto the lake and followed a track across the lake and into the woods on the opposite side.

I followed the walking and snowshoe trails through this urban woodland setting until the emptied out onto a suburban street. It was here that I encountered the dogs. Someone had there dogs out in the backyard for an early morning break and I'm sure these K-nines were not expecting someone with a bright headlamp to come bounding out of the woods.

They began barking and howling and in an instant lights from houses on both sides of the trail began coming on. I can't even imagine what they must have thought as they saw me running down this narrow trail at five o'clock on a frigid morning. I do know that the dogs did not sound happy. Or, maybe they were, but they were just curious and wanted to play. Thank goodness for chain link fences.

After hitting the street I wound my way back through the neighborhood towards home. It was only a 50 minute run and it was obviously not done at a very blistering pace considering the trails I was on. None the less it felt great to be out in the frigid morning air on my feet. Despite a frozen backside I was quite comfortable the entire time. The last thing I need however is a chapped ass! I can feel it in my legs today and tonight I'll be hitting the trails at Elm Creek with the Pugsley. Once again frigid temps with windchills in the -20 (F) to -30 (F) are in the forecast.

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