Thursday, February 10, 2011


Last night I ventured out with the Pugsley for some night riding on the trails up at Elm Creek Park Reserve. Temps dropped down into the below zero range immediately after sunset with the windchills in the teens below zero. These conditions made for perfect snowbiking as compared to the soft conditions of the past weekend when temps approached 30 (F).


My only companions on this night were the moon, the stars, the crisp cold air, the music in my ears, and a mysterious skier whom I only glanced at a distance. Despite the fact that I was feeling somewhat drained from a long day at work (I'm an elementary school teacher and believe me, a classroom of 10-11 year olds is quite draining) but once I started out I was feeling good. My quads were also sore from the previous days run, but this feeling also disappeared after a few miles on the bike.
I rode my normal route stopping occasionally to glace up at the waxing crescent moon or the constellation Orion which appeared as a constant companion. It was an awesomely quiet night with the exception of the crunching and squeaking snow under those huge Endomorph tyres of the Pugsley. However, because it was night and knowing that I wouldn't run into anyone else I did decide to ride some other trails. That is until I saw the mysterious skier approaching from the opposite direction. Fortunately this occurred right at the juncture of the ski trail and the multi-use trail so I was able to get off and avoid whomever was approaching.

I did not want to intrude on this person's quiet evening out on ski's nor anger anyone for being off the designated trail. I could see that he/she stopped to watch me ride off, maybe wondering why I hadn't stopped to chat or maybe just who the hell I was and why I was on the ski trail. In any case I would encounter this person again later in the evening, but once again it was from a distance.

After nearly three hours of riding it was time to head home, get the bike and all my clothing dried up, and enjoy a Two Hearted Ale in front of the fireplace. I love this nocturnal existence, but when you get up at 4:30 a.m. it gets tiring. I'm hoping to get out over the weekend and I also hope that once again it will be a nocturnal ride.


Jill said...

I've been enjoying your Pugsley night-riding posts. Very ethereal.

Vito said...

Wow Jill! A compliment like that means a lot :) Thanks and I'm pleased to hear the someone out there has been enjoying the posts.

Uncle Don said...

I'm familiar with the paved paths at Elm Creek, but I can't figure out which paths you ride on. Can you give me a nudge in the right direction? Does the trail have a name? Where do you park? Anything to help me find the trail.

Been enjoying your blog for a while now.

Many thanks.