Monday, February 14, 2011

Gear I Like

I purchased my Endura Windchill jacket in the autumn of last year. I've worn this jacket on nearly every ride I've gone on this winter. The only thing that has changed is my layering underneath.

Features: Windproof, waterproof, breathable, and bomb proof. I've worn it in temps from 34(F) to -16(F) wearing only two light layers underneath and this jacket has kept me warm and dry.

The windchill has a zippered chest pocket with cleaning cloth for your glasses. Three large rear pockets and one waterproof zippered pocket. The Windchill also has pit zips for added ventilation and is fleece lined for additional warmth. I would have to say that this jacket has been one of my number one gear purchases of the year. I would highly recommend the Windchill to anyone who does a lot of winter riding.

My other favorite piece of gear has been my Eddie Bauer Downlight Pullover. This little down sweater has been a phenomenal little jacket and automatically goes with me everywhere. I've packed it for long winter snowbike rides in northern Minnesota, and I wear it every morning to walk our dog Bella. It makes a great top for transitions between periods of activity and rest.

Features: The Downlight is filled with 800 fill power premium European goose down. It is water-resistant, windproof, has fleece lined handwarmer pockets, and does a wonderful job of trapping in the heat. It weighs less than a pound and will pack into a stuff sack the size of a large fist.

The only thing I don't like about this particular jacket is the fact that it leaks down and did not come with it's own stuff sack. Eddie Bauer also makes a full zip jacket version of this along with a vest. I really would like to have the vest also.

More to come...


Snakebite said...

I need one of those pullovers!

Joboo said...

Thanks for the real world info about the Endura Windchill jacket!! I'm in need of a real winter jacket, and it looks like this might be the one for me!!
I already own 2 Endura jackets and love them!! I've been looking at Gore Wear, but since I saw this post, I think I'll go with a brand I know and trust!!
My one question for you....... With the right layering, do you think this jacket would be fine at anything under -16?
Thank you for your time!!

Peace, Joe

Vito said...

Joe, For me -16 was pushing the envelope with this jacket. I believe everyone is different so I would say that if you're an individual who generates a lot of heat, then yes, It would probably work below that temp.

All I had on underneath was a med. weight merino wool t-neck, and a cold weather cycling jersey.