Thursday, February 17, 2011

A New Project In Mind

This will be my next bike.

However, there are still many decisions left to be made. Rigid vs. Suspension, wheelset, I'm thinking geared, but I'm having a difficult time letting go of the single speed thing. If I go geared it may be a 2 x 10 SRAM setup or I may just go with 1 x9 setup.


karen said...

Very Nice!! I've been eyeing the Complete El mariachi, and going SS

Vito said...

I too really like the complete Mariachi and if one is available locally I would snap it up. However, that is not the case.

If I'm patient and wait the availability may increase, but Salsa is a pretty hot product right now.

FTMN said...

Will this be a replacement for your Redline?

nmnmike said...

Let me ask you" 'why the switch? Did you get a chance to ride the salsa El M. and find it superior?


nmnmike said...

May I ask why the bike switch? Did you get a test ride on the EL M. and really like the geometry or is it just time for something new?

Vito said...

Does one need a reason for another steed in the stable.

Simply put...I want a Salsa. Love the frame geometry, love the product, love the flexibility of the being able to run a single speed or geared set-up.