Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hoping for Arctic Air??

Once again, it was another good weekend for riding up at Elm Creek. However, the warm temperatures of the past few days have left the trails rather soft. This of course means lowering the air pressure and expending that much more energy to keep the bike moving forward. Saturday I got in what I thought was a decent ride of about 2.5 hours.

Today found me up rather early for a Sunday morning and I was on the trail in the early morning darkness. I rode my first hour in the dark and the subsequent two hours after sunrise. I had hoped that the trails would firm up some in the overnight hours, but the temperature never got lower than 27 (F) -3 (C).

I looking forward to getting a couple of night rides in this week. Arctic air is moving into the area and temps are expected to drop below zero starting tomorrow night. Windchills are forecast to be in the -20 (F) to -30 (F) so the trails should be like quite firm and fast. We shall see :)


Doug said...

You and me are probably part of only a few people in Minnesota that are hoping for an arctic blast of cold air.

Assuming my caregiving duties will lessen this week as my wife gets better (fingers crossed) I'm hoping to get in a few snowbike rides. All this snow and too few rides on the Pugsley have me restless.

Joboo said...

I'll join you guys in the need for the arctic air!!
Things are getting pretty soft with the warmer temps. We all understand this will eventually happen, but give us another month, please!! ;))


Scootland Economics said...

arctic wind makes me feel awesome

- Scootland Economics

Yeti said...

Hey, I'll join you in hoping for arctic air. We've had a few thaws already, though spring should still be over two months away.

Vito said...

I don't mind the warmer weather. If it cools off enough after sunset it can make for some really good night riding.

Last year the trails at Elm Creek and elsewhere were awesome at night after they firmed up in the cooler air. It has to get below 20 (F) though.