Thursday, February 3, 2011

White Silence

Last weekend was a phenomenal weekend for riding up in the park. I rode single track for about 2.5 hours on Saturday and discovered that the Pugsley really doesn't have a lot of cornering ability in loose conditions. I believe that I need a Larry on the front.
Sunday found me up early and on the multi-use trails by 7:30 a.m. I spent the next 3.5 hours riding through a gentle snowfall on trails that were firm and quick to say the least. That is...quick for snowbike standards.
I'm looking forward to this weekend and getting more miles in. I want to do some gear posts so I hope to get one of those in this weekend.

I spent the beginning part of this week following the Arrowhead 135. It turned out, for many, to be a very tough race. Once again there were quite a few dnf's, very cold trail conditions the night of day two, but none the less some impressive times despite all of the snow up north. The trail must have been packed rather firmly.


Joboo said...

Bill, the Larry up front is gonna change the way you ride. No more worrying if the front is gonna crap out on you around this corner, or sliding out of that rut that came out of no where. It's a confidence builder for sure!!
You'll be very happy, and wondering why you waited so long to meet Larry!! ;))


Yeti said...

I'm think that Larry as a front tire and Endo in the back works well on snow. At least I haven't noticed problems cornering with this setup.

beyondhiphop said...

black silence is scary


Vito said...

"Black silence" can be somewhat unnerving at times, but actually night riding in the northwoods is one of my favorite things to do.

Scootland Economics said...

2.5 hours seems like a good ride
- micro economics and market systems