Saturday, February 12, 2011

Absolutely Phenomenal!

I cannot believe what an absolute perfect morning I had on the Pugsley. My plan to leave early worked out well because I wanted to ride when the trails were still firm. The temps were forecast to be in the mid-thirties and right now it is 36 (F). So, I hit the trails right before sunrise and they were perfect.

Four hours and thirty-four miles later I decided to call it quits for the day. What really amazed me was how good I was feeling. The further I rode the better I felt and wasn't quite sure where the hell all my energy was coming from. I think my biggest weakness as a cyclist is my nutrition intake during a ride. I just never seem to eat that much while I'm riding and when I do it is usually already too late. Today however, was very different and every hour on the hour I had a Trader Joe's fig bar and a GU energy shot and I think that was the difference. Thank you Trader Joe's, I love those fig bars!

I know that by this point in time the trails are getting pretty soft, but I'm hoping they will again firm up overnight. Tomorrow will hopefully be as good as today. A trip north is planned for next weekend and I hope that there will be some riding involved.

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