Monday, April 25, 2011



Joboo said...

Nice article Bill, thanks for sharing!!
Reading this article makes me long to be in the middle it down "south", but then I'd have to deal with the concrete jungle, and I just don't have that in me anymore! Anyway, there's something to be said for taking a 5 min. pedal and I'm in the woods!! ;)
Unfortunatly, we are a car 1st nation. Until that changes, human powered transportation will be a side note.

Vito said...

Given the choice...I would always take gravel, dirt, and the forest over pavement. However, given my situation I feel I need to do more to embrace the metro trails.

Some of the roads are great to ride, especially in the west metro and behind. Hills and beautiful farms. Sadly, I've become paranoid about distracted drivers and would rather avoid it.

I'd rather die hitting tree than getting run down by some ass using their cell phone.

Joboo said...

I've never seen the greenway, beyond pictures, and once going 70 through the metro. It sure looks nice, from the little I've seen. If I lived in the metro with all the trails/gravel/singletrack it's surely nice to have all those options.
By shear numbers you have more distracted drivers, but they are everywhere, even up here. At least people in your area see bikers year round; here during the winter I just get weird looks and head shakes. Lol
What ya got 35-40 days left of school? But who's counting?? ;))

Vito said...

School is winding down, but I don't count. I'll miss my kids by the end of June. Wonderful group of kids this year, who gave their best to be their brightest.

I'm blessed to have such a wonderful job and the legislators and other teacher/education bashers can kiss my ass!

Test scores be damned...I love my kids, my colleagues, and our school.

Sorry...Got my dander up a bit.

Joboo said...

not a problem!!!
no wonder you and my uncle Joe got along!! :)

Vito said...

Love that man! I have stories ;)