Saturday, May 21, 2011

Another Day in the Saddle

After being consumed by school and yard work all week and missing opportunities to ride in beautiful sunny weather, today I found myself venturing out into the rain.

After about an hour of riding in the rain the sun came out and it looked as if the day was going to improve. However, with an 80% chance of rain in the forecast I knew it wouldn't last.

It wouldn't be long before the storm clouds began to develop once again. My ride took me
west on the Luce Line to Watertown and beyond.

It turned out to be a fifty-three mile afternoon and it definitely felt good to get out and spin the pedals and work the legs. I rode through one little rain shower on my return trip, but I could tell that things were definitely changing rapidly.

I got back to my car just in time to watch the storms start popping. Turns out that Medina had a tornado sighting and that one may have occurred in Maple Grove just a couple of miles west of where we live. It looks as if I'll have more yard work to do tomorrow, but I'm hoping to get out once again in the morning.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Don't forget to get out and ride.

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