Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Urban Bike Project - "Crossbreeding"

What do you get when you crossbreed a road bike, track bike, and mountain bike?

You get an "Urban Speedster" or Happy Hour bike, and no, I am not a hipster. The 2004 Specialized Allez has been given a new identity and a new life. For just a couple of hundred dollars I've given an old bike that was for all practical purposes "collecting dust" a new beginning. I love it and think it will be a great bike to bomb around town on. Of course, I'll be using the Pugsley for trips to the local farmer's market after I find a basket that is suitable.

A simple Sugino track crank with a 48 tooth chain ring matched with an 18 tooth cog.

Drop bars removed and Salsa Moto Ace flat bars installed along with Shimano levers.

Yes, it's a bell!! I haven't had a bell on a bike since the late 60's and early 70's when I was cruising around town swooning young girls on my gold Schwinn Stingray with a banana seat
and 5 speed stick shift. I'm looking forward to a fun summer of urban cruising.

More on my Salsa El Mariachi later...

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