Saturday, July 9, 2011

Judging the Quality of a Ride

I've heard it said that the quality of a mountain bike ride can often be determined by the amount of dirt that is accumulated on one's legs. That being said, today must have been a very good ride.
My confidence in the cornering is not what it should be to be really fast. Also, I have this fear of crashing really bad and breaking things.

Photo by: Jay Thompson

The group I rode with today is just crazy fast on single track, and I knew going into it where my place in the pack was. I rode single track harder and faster today than I ever have in the past, and gained some confidence and trail knowledge which will only help me in the future. Thanks guys! I had a blast!

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Joboo said...

I've always said the only way to get to be a better rider, is to ride with people who are faster, and better than you.
Unfortunately, for me, I ride by myself 100% of the time!
I'd love to ride with 1/2 the group the group you rode with on this day!!
Thanks for sharing!!