Saturday, July 9, 2011

Feeling the Flow

I spent the past two days riding the new single track in Elm Creek Park Reserve and I must say that it just keeps getting better. The more it is ridden, the more packed the trail gets, the faster it gets.
IMG_1193 by Vito1958
The trail really has a good feel to it. It swoops and winds its way through the forest and prairie areas. It has many sections with some very nice rollers and this along with the other design features gives the trail a really nice flow. The more you ride it the more you feel it, and the feeling is really good. Listening to some "groovy" music while riding adds another element of joy to the ride.
IMG_1195 by Vito1958
At the beginning of my third lap yesterday I ran into Terry from the "LBS" and he was riding his very cool custom Waltworks 29er. We had a nice relaxing ride back to the south end and the Highpointe Park trailhead where I got off.
IMG_1196 by Vito1958
The ride left me with a smile on my face, a good feeling of hunger in my stomach, and very nice patina of dirt on my legs to go along with the biker tan. I'm heading out once again this morning providing the rain holds off.

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The Old Bag said...

We were out at Elm last weekend -- I was a bit fried from the previous day's ride, so couldn't give the new trail the full attention it deserved. Looking forward to trying it out again!