Thursday, July 7, 2011

Re-Configuration #2

Well, my drop bar experiment on the Redline Monocog Flight was not a failure, but it was also not a good set-up for single track riding. The drop bars were phenomenal on the gravel roads and I believe would still be great for races like the Chequamegon 40 that have a limited amount of single track riding. However, I just didn't feel good about riding them on much of the local single track. For one thing, the handling was not very responsive and breaking was at times rather difficult.

with summer in full swing and single track riding at a premium, I've once again decided to re-configure the cockpit on the Redline. Ironically, the manager at the Erik's here in Maple Grove thought that the Redline with the drop bars was one of the coolest rides he's seen and is now planning on building one up for himself.

In the meantime Travis, the amigos favorite local wrench, ordered me up a set of Hayes Stroker Ace hydraulic breaks and I decided to make the switch back to the Bontrager XXX Carbon Risers.
It now feels like a mountain bike should feel. Fast, responsive, and the brakes have a lot of stopping power with the use of only one finger tip.
I love the drops and have an idea for another build in the future. Such as a Surly Cross Check monster cross or an All City Nature Boy. If you are not familiar with All City you have to check them out. Locally made here in the Twin Cities and definitely generating some cool bikes and components with more to come. The Twin Cities bike community is continuously expanding and this is a great thing.

I'm hitting the single track early tomorrow and will have a write up about how the new set-up shakes out. Looking forward to it.

A note on the Redline Monocog Flight...A lot of cyclists scoff at the Redline when they see it. They have their titanium, carbon, or aluminum whatever and view the Redline as el cheapo. Well, they are right! It is el cheapo, but at the same time it is fantastico! If you are interested in a new mountain bike and want to ride single speed, It would be my first choice. The frame with out a doubt is rock solid and comfortable to ride. Even with a new Salsa El Mariachi sitting in the stable my Redline is still my go to bike, and I believe it will be for sometime to come.

In the meantime...

Keep the wheels spinning.


Yeti said...

I actually like the Woodchipper drop bar on my Salsa Fargo a lot even for technical singletrack. It keeps the hands at a very ergonomical position.

Vito said...

It's possible the set-up I had was wrong, but for me I was never comfortable on single track with the Woodchippers. I'll definitely be hanging on to them for future use.