Sunday, September 25, 2011

Elm Creek Cycling Weekend

What a great weekend for cycling at Elm Creek Park Reserve. On Saturday the Three River Park District hosted an open house at the trailhead for the newest single track trail system in the Twin Cities.
All the celebrities came out for the event including Travis from MGC and our amigo Kenny.

Trailhead Cycle, REI, MORC, Erik's, Maple Grove Cycle all had tents at the event. MGC and Trailhead were offering demo rides and Trailhead even had a couple of Pugsleys on hand for people to try. Turns out they were the most popular rides of the day.
Both Trailhead and MGC were also available to adjust a tweak your bike at no charge and guided mountain bike rides were being offered.

I showed up with the Pugsley and had a great time riding the single track. I've been itching to get the "Fatboy" out in the dirt since Chequamegon. I love my mountain bikes and those will always be my primary summer rides, but the Pugs on dirt is absolutely awesome. Can't figure out why people think they are primarily snowbikes.


Today we were treated to cyclocross. Kenny and I enjoyed watching the races and riding the course with the Pugsley was entertaining.

"It's Cross Season"

I'm amazed at what a dynamic cycling community we have here in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. It has everything to offer and more. Now if can just convince people that it is not abnormal to want to ride a winter fatbike with a single speed set-up. I certainly got a lot of questions about that. The only answer I could give was..."Because I can!"


Bill G said...

Sounds like the response I made when asked why I was riding SS at a cross race last season.

Everyone has an opinion - just ride your own and who cares what anyone else thinks!

I would love a SS snowbike setup - how did you gear yours for such a wide variety of variables - conditions/temps/hills/etc???

Jeff Moser said...

I would love a Pugsley or the new Moonlander. I'm not sure the snow around here justifies it alone, but we do have a lot of sand. It's one of those bikes that has been on my mind a long time!

Vito said...

Jeff...You certainly would love the Pugsley. I've never seen a big make people giggle and smile like a Pugs will do.