Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Life... In Short

Since my last post...

~I lost my $400 digital camera on the single track and it was found and returned. I'm happy to be part of a great cycling community here in the Twin Cities.
~On the same day my camera was found and returned I smacked a tree going wide open on a downhill run on the Elm Creek single track. Got help from some other cyclists, but continued on despite being battered and bruised.
~Got a flu-like virus! This will make Chequamegon all that more interesting.
~Chequamegon is this Saturday by the way.
~I'll be sore, but no matter what, I plan on having one hell of a good time. I hope;)
~El Nina is whipping up and winter should provide us with much snow and great fat biking.
(This really has me anticipating winter.)

Simple, concise, boring, but with school going on this is all that I can muster. So, until Chequamegon is over and done with, this will be just about it.


Doug said...

I'm starting to put in more miles lately. Snow biking is the only thng I still train for. And you have to be in good condition to pedal a snowbike.

Vito said...

Especially if you're riding a single speed snowbike;)

Joboo said...

Awesome about the camera!!! You're so right, you have a great biking community in the metro!!

I don't know how you guys who run SS on your FatBikes do it!! I love my gears, and fear if I went SS, my knees would fall off!!! Lol

Here's hoping schools treating ya well, and the germs aren't killing you yet!! ;)

Peace, Joe