Monday, September 5, 2011

Summer...Fare Thee Well!

I'm telling you that you could not ask for a more perfect day to be the final day of summer. Of course, not according to the lunar calendar. That technically will not take place until the Autumnal Equinox on the twenty-third of this month. The weekend itself was phenomenal despite things that occurred. A road ride on Saturday ended with me seeking medical attention for a sting to the front of my neck near my throat. Not sure what exactly it was, but more than likely a yellow jacket. Not wanting to take any chances I rode my bike to the entrance of Baker Park Reserve where I was given some benadryl by one of the staff people on duty.

Yesterday and today found me at Elm Creek riding single track and doing some grass hill repeats. Thirty five miles of single track yesterday and about thirty two miles today. The bikes are cleaned, lawn is done, helped the neighbor take down and clean up two trees that he wanted to get rid of and am now on the patio thinking of the first day of school tomorrow and how I am going to handle my work load this year. Of course while I'm doing that I am enjoying a cold beverage and also considering dinner of pasta with fresh vegetables and porketta sausage. I'm also thinking about this past summer and the fun that was had, both on and off the bike. I'm thinking of doing a slide show showing what I think are the best photos from my summer, but this will take some time, especially with school beginning tomorrow. Much of my free time will now be consumed with all things school. Planning lessons, grading papers, communicating with parents, levy referendums, and final days of training for Chequamegon. So, I leave you with one simple shot and hope to get back to regular posts sometime soon.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend and hope that you are looking forward to autumn as much as myself. "Lights and Tights" season is knocking at the door.

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Boz said...

Looks like you had a truly memorable summer. We certainly had the weather and there are more and more great places to ride. This fall should be killer!