Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lost Camera and In My September Funk

It's been a bit more than a week since I lost my camera somewhere along the new Elm Creek Park Reserve single track trails. I had stopped to take a photo of two deer that I came upon on the MORC section of the trail. In the process the dear where spooked and the photo was op was lost. Rather than placing the camera and case back in my rear jersey pocket, I attached it to my Camelbak's sternum strap using the velcro attachment on the back of the Lowe Pro camera case I was using. It wasn't until after my second lap was complete that I noticed the camera was gone. Riding a third lap around the entire course yielded no results so I am now minus a $400 dollar Canon S95 compact digital camera. I can't believe that I never noticed the camera case come loose from the sternum strap.

On another note...The Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival's 40 mile XC race is in two weeks and I really have not been riding a whole lot due to the fact that I am now in full blown back to school mode. Yesterday while out my road bike doing hill training I came under attack by a yellow jacket or something else. It stung in the neck very close to my throat and I needed to go to the Baker Park headquarters to get some benadryl to reduce the swelling. That pretty much put an end to my road ride for the day.

This morning my amigos went for a long road ride, but I chose the single track. I'll be back up there tomorrow and am hoping to possibly get four solid laps in.


Joboo said...

Man that blows Bill!!
I thought you lucked out and that person on the MORC boards found you camera??


Boz said...

Wow, tough day. Losing the camera really suck, it's always on my mind when I ride. I'm lucky not to be effected by bee and wasp stings( got it the a few weeks ago, no problem), just deer ticks! Hope the race goes smoothly now these maladies are behind you.