Sunday, October 9, 2011

Autumn Single Track

Nobody has to tell you that the weather in recent weeks has been absolutely phenomenal. We definitely could use a good dose of rain, but I for one am not going to complain about the weather being beautiful and the temps hovering around 80 (F) or higher. We have even been able to go night riding without tights! This is after all..."Lights and Tights" season. The single track is bone dry and rock hard and if you have any speed at all going into the turns your tires really don't get much of a bite.

It won't be long before the temps do take a dip and snow flakes begin to cover the carpet of leaves on the forest floor. Then, the trails will quiet down somewhat and only the true die hards will be out enjoying their frozen surroundings. Until then however, everyone is making the best of what Mother Nature has provided us. The trail head parking lot has been full every day, the roadies are out in droves getting in these last warm weather miles, and our jolly group has been enjoying the trails both day and night.

It's kind of like the transitional season without the weather that goes with it. Rest assured that in time things will change. I've had the Pugsley out on the single track a couple of times already and I'm planning on getting it out this week for some night riding.

I had the opportunity to ride with my amigo Matt today and we had a very good ride. He rode like jackrabbit all morning and I rode like someone who has crashed too often as of late. I really dialed back the pace and just enjoyed the ride along with the views. My friend Matt is not one to stop and enjoy the scenery. He's more of an ADHD cyclist. "Yes, that's nice Bill. Now let's get the wheels moving!" He has a very short attention span and can't sit still for more than a few minutes at a time. He's also the pilot of the tandem he "thinks" I'll be stoker on for next years Cheqaumegon race.

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