Friday, October 7, 2011

Mountain Biking...Taking the Good With the Bad

"The Good"

My amigo Matt and myself did our first tandem ride together this evening. 40 mph winds made it a challenge and I have to say that it was far more difficult than I ever thought it would be. Pilot and stoker really have to be in tune with each other. We definitely have a long way to go. It really was a fun experience and I look forward to trying it again. The past few weeks have provided us with some of the best weather of the season and the mountain biking has been phenomenal.

On the downside of things...If you mountain bike enough you are...sooner or later...going to get hurt. Possibly seriously hurt, especially if you are pushing the envelope. I've been pushing the envelope as of late and more than ever have been paying the price. I have, in the past several weeks, had three really hard crashes that have pretty much left my body feeling like it has been hit by a truck. It's sore, battered, and rather bruised. Ibuprofen and my helmet have been my best friends as of late. Wednesday night while night riding in the park some of us were going faster than what would be considered prudent. Bob and I paid the price with both of us ending up off the trail in the woods or in the middle of the trail lying in a heap in the midst of a cloud of dry trail dust.
"Mountain Biking Tattoo"
This large bruise on my right quad is part of the result of crashing. I have a matching one on the inside of my right leg and several others to go with it. Along with a sore neck, sore shoulders, and a bad lower back that is bothering me once again. Bob Dylan could not have spoken more truer words than the following...

“Since every pleasure’s got an edge of pain, pay for your ticket and don’t complain.” -Bob Dylan

So despite the pain I'll continue to ride and try not to complain. I'm definitely dialing things back and I'm going to be a little more careful. Not only have the crashes been hard on the rider, but they have also been hard on the bike. Time to slow down and just enjoy the ride:)

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coastkid said...

That looks a sore bruise!, happy healing!