Sunday, November 27, 2011

An Amazing Weekend...

I really can't say much right now. I just returned from northern Minnesota and have to leave shortly to pick up my wife at the airport. My mind is still north and I will be going to bed with a very satisfied feeling after 60+ plus miles on the Pugsley over two days.

This first photo shows a portion of Nathan Schroeder's 16 dog team half way through a 40 mile training run on Friday afternoon. It was a pleasure to meet both Nathan and his amazing team of dogs. Nathan won the John Beargrease two years ago and came in second last year in one of the closest races ever. I'm looking forward to traveling north to watch this race in January.

Saturday brought snow and with that a very nice ride that led me deep into the forests of Itasca County. The silence I experienced was staggering. My return to the cities has left me wanting to be back up north where the only sound I could hear at one point in time was the ringing in my ears. I love the silence that winter brings. (I'll be further updating this post when I have some time.)

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