Thursday, December 1, 2011

Escape and Confinement

I spent Thanksgiving weekend visiting my parents and friends in northern Minnesota. As always it was good to sneak away and enjoy the forests from the saddle of a bike. When I'm up there in the woods it is my escape. I can honestly say that I never feel better than when I'm up in the northland cruising the woods alone. Everything else just seems to melt away and it's just me, the bike, and the beauty of nature.

Despite feeling somewhat disappointed with the lack of snow I truly enjoyed the riding. How could one not?

Day 1:

Day 2:
Saturday I found myself in the snow riding through a forest that was hauntingly quiet. I love the quiet that winter brings with it. The freedom I felt was amazing and I knew that no matter where I went there would always be a trail or road that led somewhere. A person basically ride just about anywhere they want to with very few restrictions. It was amazing!!!

When my ride Saturday was complete I knew that transitioning back to city life would be always is for me. As much as I love the trails here in the Twin Cities nothing can compare with what I experience when I'm up north. The feeling that I get is one of confinement. The park is beautiful, but at the same time it is quite restrictive and limiting. I'm really looking forward to the prospect of more snow and traveling north over the Christmas holiday to enjoy the forests and my freedom.


Tex69 said...

Nice. Thanks.

Herringbone said...

Nice. I love that kind of riding. I can relate to the sense of freedom one gets rolling along the logging roads of the great North Woods. Great pics.