Saturday, November 19, 2011

Face Lift

My Pugsley will be undergoing somewhat of a face lift very soon.

I'm hoping these (Husker Du) will be available soon, otherwise Larry's will be on order. There are a couple of other items on the list, but I'm holding out:)

The weatherman is beginning to piss me off. They keep saying we are going to get a couple of inches of the beautiful white stuff, but the radar is telling me otherwise. I'm trying my best to be patient, but it is getting harder and harder.

Hopefully the Northland will receive a good coating before the Pugsley and I head up for the Thanksgiving weekend. So for now...I venture into the backyard to pick up dog dookie and leaves before going to the park for several hours of riding on the Pugs.



Yeti said...

Yes, the weather is frustrating. Last year we had a good amount of snow by now, but this time it is warm enough for the nature to think the spring is coming...

Joboo said...

Nice rolling D's Bill!!

3" on the ground now; with more suppose to fall at any moment!! :)
Forcasted highs (like you haven't been looking ;), in the low to mid 40's wed. through fri. :(

your riding area should be premo!!


Bill G said...

Milltown Cyclery was getting some in just so you know. They might be all accounted for. I just gave my Mukluk a cockpit overhaul - went with J-bars and am impatiently waiting for snow to fall in Buffalo, NY area as well!