Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pugsley's New Look

My Pugsley has been slightly transformed with a facelift of sorts. My old headset was rusted and worn out. I went on the cheap for the initial build three years ago which in the long run was not a good decision. The Pugs now has a shiny new Chris King headset.

The most important part of the transformation has been the wheels. Surly Rolling Darryls with nice red rim strips.

Also, some new red nipples to go with the other red accents.

A new 3.8 Larry will be mounted on the front wheel upon its arrival next week:) I may eventually get one for the rear wheel also.

I had to keep the original hubs as they are just too good to let go. The DT Swiss 370 on the rear wheel has performed flawlessly and the Paul on the front wheel is...well...It's a Paul hub. What more needs to be said.

I absolutely love the new look and tomorrow night you can find me on the trails at Elm Creek Park Reserve. My lights are charged and ready to go. I would be out there tonight, but my back is need of some tender loving care. So its off to the basement I go for a core work session and some serious flexibility work.


Doug said...

Sweet! Love the new look!

Yeti said...

Looks very nice. I still think the Thunder Grey is the nicest Pugsley color.

Snakebite said...


NikonAddict said...

I love the red accents -- especially the red rim strips!

Joboo said...

Nice Bill!!!
I've been thinking of the Rolling D's myself. Not too sure how they'd handle year round use. More leaning to the non cut out set. In your opinion Bill (with the little time they've been on), how do you think they'd handle the red rock and such of home??
BTW, this post is sooooo offensive!!! ;) Ha Ha


Vito said...

Joe, I can't think of any reason why they wouldn't hold up. If they are laced properly I can't see any issues. The tires themselves already provide a good deal of cushioning from the rocks and such.

Another option would be the Large Marge Lights.

I haven't discovered how they handle yet. My back is in rather bad shape right now and I've been unable to ride this past week.

Tex69 said...

Wow! Nice looking build!

Anonymous said...

Looks great!