Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Some Ramblings...

I'm very disappointed about the news that Lake Shoes has gone under. Apparently Doug found this out through his LBS. I was hoping to get another pair that were larger yet for winter riding. Doug, this is an example of "good" hoarding.

Merino wool base layers are the only way to go in the winter, especially for all day in the woods on the bike activity. I guess Under Armour and some of the others are fine for going out for a couple of hours.
I can wear my merino wool for several days without worrying about it developing a funky smell. Plus...they are sooo warm and comfortable, but pricey.

Rolling Darryl rims are surprisingly light. I stopped at the LBS yesterday to drop the Pugs off for a wheel modification (as in rebuild) and some other things. Holy crap those big boys are featherweights. The Pugs should be almost two pounds lighter. I've even been considering the possibility of gearing it up. But then, why add weight when I just reduced weight???? I'll just be happy to travel a bit slower. Hey, Fatbiking isn't about speed anyway...Is it??

I really need to get back up north and into the woods. It's all I've been thinking about and it is starting to cloud my mind. Doesn't take much to cloud my mind.

I need to get more "expletive" sleep! I didn't want to actually swear since my blog is already on someone's shit list. Oooooops! Now I've done it. I'm going to be crabby at school today. I'll try to keep my smile:)

Does anyone else think "The Moonlander" is overkill?? It looks really cool and all, but at what point does "FAT" become "Too FAT". I wouldn't want to pedal one of those up a long snowy hill. Just my opinion.

Gotta go....Time for school. Hope everyone has gotten a lot more sleep than myself and has a great day:)

My apologies for this stupid post.


Doug said...

I found this to be an interesting post.

I think the Moonlander is an incredible bike. However, for what I do with my Pugsley, a Moonlander would be overkill. I use my Pugsley mostly for riding on groomed snowmobile trails. In fact anything bigger than 65mm Large Marge rims is overkill for what I ride. But if I was riding on ungroomed trails or loose sand, or lots of mud, the Moonlander would be the perfect bike. It all depends on what you plan to ride with it. Some people will buy one just to ride around the neighborhood on. It's the quivalent to buying a Land Rover to drive to the grocery store.

Cool that you're mounting up some Rolling Daryl's. I hope to upgrade to some Marge Lite's sometime in the future. Right now the money is being saved for other adventures.

Vito said...

Doug, I love your Land Rover comparison. Also, I took your recommendation on the Novara Headwind pants and got a pair. I really like them a lot. Thanks!!

Doug said...

The REI Headwind pants are another item I hoard. I have two pairs in constant rotation and three pairs still in the original packaging as back-ups.

A reader of mine named Brendan added a comment to my post about Lake Boots. He linked to an article in Bicycle Retailer stating that Lake had a new owner and distributor and will be back soon. Yeah!