Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Good Omen...

After rains of Biblical proportions have left Duluth and parts of the North Shore in a state of emergency we ended the first day of summer in the Twin Cities with this remarkable rainbow. I'm hoping that this is an omen of good things to come.

We leave for the North Shore tomorrow. Not yet knowing how we will get through Duluth or if we can get through. Many of the roads were closed today, but I'm hoping that by morning conditions will improve. As for the course for Saturday's Lutsen 99er...Well, the directors say the race is on, but there may be changes to the original course depending on conditions. It will be an interesting weekend.

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Joboo said...

I'd bypass Duluth Bill.
All kinds of flooding still going on, with more being called for till later afternoon tomorrow.
33N to 53N to 16E to Beaver Bay/Silver Bay is solid. I made a delivery to North Shore mine today, and hwy 16E past whiteface is in very good condition. Minus the fact it's a northern Mn. road ;) it's all good.
Good luck on the 99er!! Should be a suffer fest!! ;)