Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Morning Single Track Sermon

After a Saturday of cold misty rain, this morning brought cool and breezy conditions. The rain of yesterday wasn't even enough to penetrate the tree canopy and moisten the trail. We are definitely in dire need of some precipitation and hopefully it will arrive soon. The small amount of moisture we did get was enough to somewhat diminish the dusty conditions.

Years ago I showed up at church one Sunday morning only to be greeted by the pastor who asked where I had been. My response was..."Well, Pastor Rick, people such as yourself and others choose to worship in the Lord's house. Me, on the other hand, I choose to worship in his backyard." Pastor Rick looked at me with a wry smile and said, "You know Vito (he actually called me Bill), I really like that perspective.

So, this Sunday we gathered at our place of worship, Elm Creek Park Reserve, for a morning of worship and fun on the trails. Last weeks sermon was on "eating dust" on the trail to glory. This weeks sermon was much simpler..."have fun". Pictured above is the congregation. L to R is Kenny "The Cook", Crazy Bob, and Dale "The Irishman". Missing from the photo is our "Knight in White Tights" Matt. Apparently he had a brunch date with his family to celebrate both he and his son's birthdays. I always thought that brunch was a post worship ritual. As if you burn a lot of calories sitting in a church pew.

"The Knight in White Tights"

Our place of worship..."The Church" It's one of those open congregations where anyone is welcome despite your beliefs...single speed, geared, 29er, 26er, skinny or fat, hardtail, front suspension, full suspension, or rigid, and even guys wearing white tights.

"Good Juju or Bad Juju"

I'm not really sure what this has to do with anything. Possibly to give good karma and positive vibes to those venturing down Bill's Thrill Hill. Or maybe it is there to ward off evil spirits. Imagine your lights illuminating this on your first night ride through the church. Kind of creepy:)

A rather nice and peaceful place to worship if I do say so myself.

Keep the wheels turning...


The Old Bag said...


Be aware...Fr. Murphy was in a tough mood a few weeks back!

NikonAddict said...

Beautiful photos!

Jay Cob said...

Hey, nice blog friend. I just found this through another local blog. I really dig your photos too. Impressive work.