Saturday, November 24, 2012

Prolonged Absence...

I have spent the past six weeks somewhat absent from this blog. There are many reasons for my lack of effort in keeping it updated. Everything from being overwhelmed with work responsibilities, illness, vacation, busy with other activities, and just being bored with it.

Riding and taking photos has continued albeit a bit less frequently. Autumn in the park and surrounding area has been phenomenal and I really have enjoyed the rides that I have taken.

One thing that did keep me busy for several Saturdays was traveling to watch my niece Danielle and her Hamline University teammates compete in several college cross-country meets. This was particularly fun for me because I ran cross country and track in college and going to watch brought back many fond memories.  It was also great to watch Danielle and follow her progress.

My wife Patti and I also took a long weekend to travel to San Diego. We stayed in Little Italy and for five days and nights enjoyed wining and dining and walking around the city seeing the sites. It was absolutely the best time ever and the food and people were phenomenal.


Lastly I've been dealing with a very annoying heart condition that although my doctor tells me it is nothing to be over concerned about I worry about it, it keeps me up at night, and has me feeling tired during the day. I had a complete physical and all my blood work came back excellent, my resting heart rate (when it's functioning properly) is 48-50 bpm. Not bad for an old fart such as myself. The condition is atrial fibrillation and it really is quite annoying and somewhat disconcerting.
My EKG's have been good and I did wear a monitor for some time. They just don't know at the moments what is causing it.

My black box or flight recorder as I jokingly called it. At least if I crashed and burned they would have been able to determine if it was pilot error or a mechanical malfunction. At least the instrument is Made in America:) I do have to undergo more tests and consult with a cardiologist at the heart institute. Hopefully it is something that will be relatively easy to deal with and treat without taking medication. I told the doc that I would really like to avoid pills if it is possible.

In the meantime I'm continuing to ride as often as possible. As a matter of fact I'm heading out on the Pugsley when this is completed. It's about 8 (F) and we do have a bit of snow on the ground. Sure would love to see more of the white stuff.



Keep the wheels rolling...


Boz said...

Welcome back. Glad your health is good!

Tex69 said...

I've had Afib off and on for 5 years or so. I don't take any regular meds but do pop a Flecainide when I have a flair up. So far I've been able to stave off the ablation procedure but if I ever do I will accept it given my doctor's attitude. He's a cyclist and something of an Afib expert.

Good luck with it. I certainly empathesize. Keep chugging! Keep that ticker strong!