Saturday, October 26, 2013

Grand Marais and the North Shore

Well, we finally made it up the North Shore to the Canadian border. First trip there since fat biking back in March. I had a wonderful weekend with my bride up in Grand Marais. We enjoyed nature at its finest, ate great food, and enjoyed the nightlife. Hope you enjoy...

 "Safe Harbor"


 "Artist Point Mountain Ash"

I grew up in northern Minnesota and cannot recall a year when there were so many mountain ash berries, or maybe I just never noticed like this year. They were in abundance everywhere you looked. I was also still impressed with just how much color was still left on the trees. We had definitely missed the peak, which was two weeks earlier. Normally, by this time in October most of the leaves are already on the ground. Everything seems to be running just a bit later this year due to our late Spring.

 "Looking Toward Canada and Isle Royale"

The views from Mt. Josephine were spectacular and everything I saw has given me the itch to get into the back country in this area and hit the gravel roads for some adventure by bike. 

 "Border Country-Pigeon River Lowlands"

 "High Falls on the Pigeon River, Grand Portage"

The high falls on the Pigeon River were amazing and I was impressed by the amount of water still coming over them. Recent precipitation had certainly helped. The pictures are rather deceptive because they give the impression that we had an amazingly perfect weekend as far as the weather goes. Well, it was completely the opposite. It actually rained and snowed probably 80% of the time.
 "Autumn Splendor on the North Shore"

 "Grand Portage"

"The Blue Hour"
 Much of our weekend looked a lot like this. On again off again rain, mostly on :) I spent Saturday morning putting about 70 miles on the car looking for some good photos, but it was pouring rain and snowing the entire time. 
"Bally Creek Road to Eagle Mtn."

Upon my arrival back in Grand Marais the weather began to break somewhat so I decided to just head up the the Devil's Track River,  park on the roadside and hike up with the camera to get a few shots.

 "Devil's Track River"

 "Storm Clouds Over Grand Marais"

"Heading Out Over the Lake"
 "Superior Sunrise"

I could very easily photograph Lake Superior from dawn til' dusk. I absolutely love the lake's ever changing moods and light. Sunday morning provided me with the perfect opportunity to get some sunrise photos over the lake. The rest of the weekend the mornings had been very overcast. Sunday morning was spectacular.

 "Ever Changing Light"


All Seasons Cyclist said...

I love all the photos you post, the one you are using for your masthead is simply stunning!

Vito said...

Thanks!!! I often wonder what I could do if I really got serious about photography. There is so much potential for great photos when you are out on a bike :)