Sunday, January 19, 2014

On Thin Ice...

Despite all of the cold weather we have had there are still some hazardous conditions out there on the ice. I found this out first hand today while out riding. What amazed me even more was how many ice fishermen ignored the warnings posted by the Sheriff's Department and drove right through the hazard area. These are the people we usually end up reading about in the newspaper or hearing about on local news broadcast.

At one point, two guys in a Jeep jokingly asked if I would video tape them going through the ice. I jokingly responded by asking what it was they would like me to tell their next of kin. After a bit of laughter they turned around and went the other way. No sooner were they gone then another truck came along and just went right on through. Whatever...

Today's 40(F) temps did not help the situation at all. Fortunately colder weather is once again on the way, but that will in no way eliminate the danger completely. I'll be back to the park riding the single track and multi-purpose trails.

 You could not have asked for a more beautiful day to be outdoors in the winter.

 "Ice Road Biker"


 Looking forward to the rest of winter and what it has to offer.

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