Sunday, January 12, 2014


Right now riding conditions could not be any better. The frigid temps of a week ago and the recent balmy weather have provided for absolutely perfect riding conditions. This along with cooler temps beginning tomorrow should make things even better.

I was unable to ride Saturday due to other commitments, but I made a point to get out and enjoy the conditions today. Not only are the trails in primo condition, but the local lakes are making for an awesome alternative to riding single track.

The lakes have come to life with small ice fishing communities and there a plenty of plowed roads and very firm snowmo and four wheeler tracks to take you just about anywhere you could imagine going. I found that out today and explored just about every nook and cranny I could possibly find.

I'm stoked to get out this week and do some nighttime exploring :)

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coastkid said...

Been watching the cold weather in the US on TV last week!, looks great conditions!. Hope we get some snow here again this year!