Sunday, August 3, 2014

Mesabi Version 4.0

The Mesabi Trail is found on the Iron Range of Northern Minnesota. The paved bike trail runs from the city of Grand Rapids on the west side of "The Range" some seventy-five miles to Virginia which lies on the east side of the "The Range". Some of us living in the area and those of us who no longer live there, but return often to visit, have our own version. It's off the regular paved trail and I often refer to it as Mesabi Red. Our own version of Cuyuna Red without the single track. We just like to ride and explore much as we did in our youth. Unfortunately you have to somewhat of a delinquent in order to ride in these areas.

My version of The Mesabi Trail....

 "Chisholm's Eiffel Tower"

 Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs...

 "Riding in the Red"


"High Point"

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