Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Preparing for the School Year

My classroom is just about set up and ready to go. Still have some organizational things to do and curriculum to go over. Got my class list today and our new schedules. I don't have to go into my classroom anymore until next week, but I do have a lot of school things I can do here at home. Tomorrow night my grade level gets together for an evening of fun, stories, food, and drinks. I'm riding my bike to the bar so I may need to get training wheels for the ride home.My new smart board. I am so excited to use this in class.
Mr. V's corner
I love the label on this bottle of wine.
Of course, a little red wine helps a teacher become mentally prepared to face the challenges of a new school year and a new classroom full of students. Now, I can honestly say that I'm excited to get the year started.

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Ali B. said...

hehe.. i think i have a bottle of that red in my fridge right now.. or is it the white.. anyway, vino goes great with a new school year. your room looks great - a little scary to me with those flow charts and power polygons & serious 5th grade material! yipes. i would need 2 glasses per evening. oh, so jealous about the white board!!!