Thursday, August 21, 2008

Welcome To The Team

My grade level (I teach 5th grade) got together last night to discuss the school year, have some food and drink, and welcome our newest member, Amy. Had a great time, but I stayed up way too late. It was good to have my bike to ride home. The fresh air did me some good and the spin helped keep my legs loose from the days workout at Elm Creek.

Marti, Andrea, Amy, Not sure who the old bald guy is, and Kevin

Our fifth grade team is awesome. I'm the loser because I am the only one who has their room set up. Which of course means I'll be delegated other mundane things to do. Actually, I'll get to enjoy myself up in Tofte and Grand Marais while the others are in school this weekend. Who's the loser?


Kenny said...

Geez Bill, I didn't realize you worked with such attractive babes!

Vito said...

Ahhh yes Kenny. A lucky man I am.