Thursday, December 11, 2008

Frosty Fun Ride

Ended up having a frosty and fun ride tonight. Just hit the local trails and roads and ended up putting on about 22 miles. What a great way to enjoy the winter and relieve stress from the work day.

However, I have to get some rest. My plan is to be up at 4 AM and running by 4:30 then Matt's Friday morning spin class. Oh the joy!!

Late Edit: Always tell your wife or significant other what you plan to do and where you plan to go. Patti came home and of course figured that I had gone for a ride, but had no idea when I had left, how long I was going for, or where I was planning to ride. Ooooops! Big mistake that almost put me in the doghouse for the weekend.


grasshopper said...

Hello Mr Vito.
I would like you to sponsor you.
Our new product line is a combo of Beta Blockers and Viagra, designed to keep you running at a slow pace all night long.
In exchange we will support yout efforts in products. I belive a 90 day supply should last you for the year.

Vito said...

Smart Ass!!
As a teacher, may I say that you need to work on your spelling and sentence structure.

Kenny said...

30 day supply.

Vito said...'re a smart ass also!
I'm walking thru life with a bullseye on my forehead.