Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Arrowhead 135 is Under Way

The Arrowhead 135 began just before dawn yesterday. Racers have now been on the on the trail for 24 hrs. and it's my understanding that the trail conditions are very good. However, following the progress of any individual racer is very frustrating unless they are using a Spot Satellite Messenger.

For info about the race click on the link above.


Doug said...

Mike Curiak is using a Spot in the race. Looks like he made it past Melgeorges last night, stopped about 10:30 and bivied. He was back on the trail about 7:30 this morning. I'm kinda glad he stopped for the night. He takes amazing photos, so I'm hoping he puts that talent to good use during his ride today and does ride report on his blog when it's all done. If he had rode straight through there wouldn't be any picture taking being done during the night. I'm very interested to read what he has to say about the AH135.

Vito said...

His narratives and photographs are generally some of the best. I'm also looking forward to seeing and hearing about his experience doing the race.
Should be interesting.

MrDaveyGie said...

Could you display a link to Curiak's blog, would like to read. Thank you.

Vito said...

Mr. Davie...You can go to my blog list on the main page and click on "Big Wheel Building"...you'll be impressed.