Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wet and Cold...More to Come

I spent several hours on Saturday riding in and around Elm Creek Park. I stayed mostly to the paved trails because I knew with all of the rain we had that the mountain bike trails would not be good for riding. Autumn is gradually coming to the area and the park has been showing signs of this for several weeks now. However, the peak is still a couple of weeks away.I started off in about 42 degree temps with a pretty steady drizzle throughout the entire ride. Non-the-less it was an enjoyable day to get out. Hey, if Jill in Alaska can find riding in cold rain and wind enjoyable, so can I. Well, up to a certain point that is. I've said all along that I would prefer to ride in 10 degrees and snow rather than 40 degrees and rain. This was the first time in quite awhile that I've had the old Specialized Hardrock out and about. It won't be long before the studded tires are on and I'm planning winter riding trips up on the North Shore and on the forest roads north of my hometown up on the Iron Range. I'm looking forward to riding in the snow once again.

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Kenny said...

Nice photos, as usual. I need I bike I can ride in the rain! Er, on second thought, no I don't.