Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Border Country...

I'm heading north tomorrow night to meet my brothers and a few friends for a fishing trip. My brothers and I along with our father always went on an annual fishing trip. For the past dozen or so years we've been going to Echo Lake in Northern Minnesota. Before then it was Winni, Kabetogama, or Lake of the Woods.

This past year, with my father's failing health, we were unable to go and take dad along with us. Before he passed away he left an envelope of money with our Mother along with a request that we go on our fishing trip. So, it's with sorrow in our hearts, along with many many wonderful memories that we go on our trip this weekend.

Our Father's usual spot at the table will be empty and he will no longer be there to share stories, cook wonderful meals, and play Solitaire. However, he has left us all with many wonderful memories and we know that in our hearts and in spirit, Dad will be there with us.

It will never be the same, but we can carry on his legacy and we can continue to create our own stories over the coming years. I miss him and love him so much. One thing will hold matter what, it will be fun to get out on the water, wet a line, enjoy some drink, tell some jokes, and hopefully...catch some fish. Fish or not, the stories will roll off the tongues, along with a good deal of laughter. I'm sure there will also be quite a few tears.

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