Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Getting FAT and Dusty

After a long summer of traveling back and forth north with no real desire to do much of anything aside from spending time with my mom and dad, my desire to ride is finally returning. It's been awhile since I've had the Pugs out and this past weekend was perfect. My amigos were at Chequamegon and I was missing it immensely, so, I decided to do and easy 40 miler on the Luce Line.

The Pugsley "Before"
"The Tunnel"

A little "Element of Thought"


Heading West towards Watertown


Some kind individuals set out several of these little aid stations supplied with water, Gatorade, Starbursts, etc. Everyone appeared to be using the little trash bags that were also left. The Starbursts were phenomenal. One such station even had a small supply of toilet paper :)

A Fine Looking Patina of Dust 

It felt good to get out on the Pugs once again. I'm looking forward to more rides and now that the "Lights and Tights" season is upon us...many of these will be night rides up on the single track.

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